At Agro4you Limited our wide-ranging proficiency and understanding of procurement makes us a preferred supply partner of choice in the procurement and supply chain sector. We have robust understanding of the top brands and product categories that are specific to agricultural industries. Outsourcing your whole procurement requirements to a reliable supplier guarantees that the job is carried out to an extremely high standard, and your strategic aims and business responsibilities are met without you having to worry about anything. A tailor made, expert and strategic approach to outsourcing procurement helps companies reduce their expenditure with maximum utilization of resources and experienced solutions.

We team up with top product and equipment manufacturing companies all around the world in other to give you contact to the product that are of high quality, ground-breaking, competitively valued and delivered whenever you need them.

From the initial consultation stage all the way through to final handover, our fully comprehensive reliable supplies service enables you to take full advantage of our expert knowledge of best procurement strategies, highly developed procurement skills and project delivery capabilities.

Agro4you Limited has the experience to source & supply virtually all types of Agricultural Machinery, We are professionally qualified to assist you with both the specifications and acquisition of the right tool for your application.

We specialize in medium-to-large units including:
  • Off-highway dump trucks
  • Wheel loaders
  • Off-highway water equipment
  • Mass and Hydraulic Excavators
  • Soil Machinery
  • Hay balers and Bailing
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Construction Equipment
  • Motor Scrapers
  • Motor Graders
We are here to assist you by presenting options in earth-moving equipment from: Caterpillar, Hitachi, Dresser, Komatsu, Euclid, Terex, Link-Belt, O&K, Klein, and more.

Our product(s) range and scope of service(s) covers but are limited to:

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Harvesting Machinery
We help both small and large holder farmers, Agribusiness companies, Government and Public Corporations acquire all types of harvester be it combine harvester, bean harvester and so much more. We bring you the best deal at a competitive rate.
Using tractor machinery are essential for large farms, we at Agro4you Limited are here to assist you in getting the best depending on the tasks that needs to be solved. Be it general purpose tractor, universal tilled tractor or special purpose tractor, we provide you with the best product and of high quality at the shortest period of time, this is why we are your preferred supplier.
Sprayers are considered indispensable for modern agriculture, and we are here to provide you with all types of sprayer for your faming e.g. Knapsack Sprayer, Portable Power Sprayer, HTP Sprayers, Mist Dust Sprayer and so much more.
Manpower Services
We are a trusted manpower supply company,we recognise the best candidates, including managers and Lead Professionals Candidates through our manpower services. We have been associated with this field over time. Therefore, helping you to make the right choice is quite easy. It is also important for you to deal with the right expert, claiming to offer quality help, at your service. And joining our team will help you to get satisfactory results. It is not just the corporations we serve but also the staff we provide for them who value our exclusivity in the field of manpower services. Our awareness to detail brings clients and staff back to us again and again. We don’t just do recruitment, we create relationships. We are always there to be by your side, and offer significant approaches, just as you have asked for. Our team is qualified enough to help.
Entirely any farm is inextricably linked with such a process as transportation. We are at Agro4you Limited are here to make transportation easy for you by assisting you in procuring the best trailer for you all your logistics services.
Sowing and Tillage Equipment
We help in the procurement of all types of sowing machinery such as seeders, hoppers and storage tanks. We are professionally qualified to assist you with both the specifications and acquisition of the right tool for your application.