Farm Equipment Leasing


Farm Equipment Leasing


Farm Equipment Leasing

In the farm equipment and leasing market, we know and understand the needs of our customers. Our utmost goal is not to only provide swift and flexible leases with highly competitive rates but to supply our customers with an exceptional service from the initial application process until the close of the lease.

We help customers around the country to purchase the equipment necessary to grow their business. From tractors, to combines, to harvesters to farm trucks, we can help you make the right choice of the equipment necessary to expand your business.

Depending on your needs, you may wish to choose a Lease Finance option, whereby you rent the equipment from us rather than buying it. The VAT is calculated on the monthly rental amount not the value of the equipment, this can keep your initial outlay to a minimum and assist with cash flow. Alternatively, you can opt for Hire Purchase where the title of ownership is transferred to you at the end of the agreed term. VAT can be reclaimed on the cost of the equipment and this may have tax advantages for you.

Tractor Hire

Tractor hire can also be called 'Tractor Leasing' or 'Tractor Financing', which refers to an operating lease. This means you can hire the tractor for a stipulated period of time, which can either be a short or long term leasing. During the time you use the tractor, you have to make daily or monthly payments to the company. Another perk is that our tractor hire contract comes with some maintenance provision, so you do not have to worry about insurance and maintenance expenses. As soon as the contract has ended, you have to return the tractor, which means you would not own the vehicle.

Short Term Tractor Rental

Farmers like this kind of Tractor finance because of its flexibility, which allows you to renew the contract and upgrade to a newer tractor. We offer tractor leases for as short as 10 weeks. Bear in mind, that the longer the hire, the greater the discount on your lease.

Long Term Tractor Rental

For a long-term solution, a finance lease or hire purchase agreement may be more suitable. With these two funding options you’ll eventually own the asset, which might be a better option than leasing if you need the tractor for a long time.

Equipment Lease Options

While Tractors are a popular option, there's a wide range of Agricultural Machinery lease on the market. Agro4you can help you lease, purchase or refinance a wide range of machinery, including:

  • Harvesters and produce sorting equipment
  • Arable equipment and machinery — tractors, tillers, rollers, ploughs, harrows
  • Soil machinery — cultivators, ridgers, chisel plows
  • Planting machinery — broadcast seeders, spreaders, reapers
  • Hay balers and bailing equipment
  • Loader equipment — trailers, trucks, conveyor belts, tele-handlers
  • Fertilising equipment and spreaders — manure spreaders, muck spreaders, silage
  • Packaging machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Plant machinery
  • Office equipment
  • Dairy machinery such as milking equipment