Agro4you Limited offers the best farm drone services in Nigeria. We help our clients to make more effective and efficient farming decisions, whether you are a grower, crop consultant or large enterprise. Whatever your requirement is, whether for simple aerial photography, agricultural mapping, or drone-based inspections, we can help you select the best drone that fit your farm need.

Agro4you data Professionals can help you process the data to get a more accurate map of any existing issues, as well as create solutions based on extremely reliable data. We assist our clients with data that needs further analysis using GIS software.


At Agro4you Limited, we also provide critical insights to our Clients on the general agricultural application of drones to optimize their crop-growing operations.

Our utmost passion is in providing true value to our clients through our drone services, knowledge base and high-end deliverables.

  • Our mission is to bring pioneering technologies and initiative to the Nigerian agricultural sector.
  • Our vision is to be an indigenous company of choice for providing best drone service to the Nigerian agricultural sector.

At Agro4you Limited, we are competent and efficient in the supply of agricultural drone services to our Clients.

Some of our agricultural drone service(s) include and not limited to the following:
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Soil assessment
At Agro4you limited, we can help you with data to extract soil characteristics which will further enable accurate soil sampling and the production of more accurate soil sampling. These soil characteristics includes: temperature, moisture, slope, elevation and lots more.
Review of plant population & emergence
We provide Agriculturalists & Agronomists with accurate data from our agricultural drones to fathom the population and the spacing metrics of their plants. This information is then used to drive replanting decisions, thinning and pruning activity and most importantly, to improve crop models.
Irrigation and drainage
Our agricultural drones equipped with thermal infrared cameras can be used to plan and troubleshoot irrigation systems. This is done basically to manage water flow and usage across an operation.
Fertility & crop protection
Our high-resolution drone data will give you the pure understanding of the different growth stages of your crop. This information will help your team to know the right rates of fertilizer to reduce wastage and optimize crop health and production.
Spraying of fertilizer and pesticides
We also provide agricultural drone sprayers to target specific areas where treatment of fertilizer and soil ameliorants are necessary.
Harvest planning
At Agro4you Limited, we process and interpret the drone data collected at the critical growth stages throughout the growing season to help our Clients anticipate a harvest’s quality and its final yield.
Crop monitoring
At Agro4you Limited, providing Agricultural drones for Crop monitoring is one of our specialties. The data can be processed by our data Analysts to give an understanding of the measures to increase crop production, farm efficiency and monitor crop growth