Strategic Planning, Advisory and Support

Agro4you is committed to providing a first class consultancy service to a wide range of farmers in Nigeria and West Africa sub regions. Agro4you consulting professionals have extensive experience in assisting participants — from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organisations —to transform their business processes and strategies; also assisting to shape and manage their business assets and resources for profitability. The farm business consultancy service is provided on a regular basis to numerous farmers nationwide and this servicee.

Using a detailed budget and cash-flow, we can frequently review the actual performance of your farm with you to spot any early opportunities and/or warning signs and keep your business developing on the right track. We help you to adapt the business policy to fit with changes in economics and environmental circumstances. We will help you to set your objectives and targets for the future development of your business. We have built our reputation on positive and effective strategic business advice.

Rules and regulations surrounding the agricultural industry are dynamic which makes it more complex and time consuming. With our specialist knowledge in the agriculture sector, we will help you reduce that burden.

Basically, we can help you with a range of issues including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Business strategy development
  • Marketing plans
  • Setting up and mapping of farms
  • Sourcing for farm inputs/ human resources
  • Setting up business structures
  • Provision of information you need for intelligent decisions

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Environmental Impact Assessment
Agro4you Limited is known for notable achievement in environmental impact assessment (EIA). We have extensive experience in carrying out Environment impact assessment. We apply an excellent blend of global experience and technical precision to deliver precise and effective results that meet the highest Local, National and International standards.Our approach to environmental impact assessment work is iterative, working constructively to assess impacts and then to optimise project proposals to minimise those impacts whilst maintaining project feasibility.
Social Impact Assessment
Agro4you Limited provides different scope of services to help our clients who need to carry out a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in support of a particular development.We can handle and deliver an entire SIA project from concept, pre-feasibility, feasibility, through to project implementation using experienced SIA Project Managers and its teams of technical specialists. We also have key staff that provide technical peer review as it may be required for more debatable projects to ensure that the assessment is robust and comprehensive.Our SIA report is fit for purpose in all ramification as it gives a clear understanding and also stakeholders the assurance in the precision of our SIA report.
Agribusiness Financial Modeling
As your financial modeling partner we help outline your goals, identify the real problems in your business and give you the confidence you need to make your critical business decisions. We combine technical skill with a practical business understanding and specialist sector knowledge to develop proven methodologies tailored to your unique situation. Our financial models can help you evaluate new business opportunities, raise capital, and analysis other vital aspects related to investments.
Soil Analysis
At Agro4you Limited we provide the best soil testing and analysing services to our clients. Our professionals combine years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the issues our clients encounter to ensure that the solutions we provide meet the specific needs of the project at hand. Our ability to provide scalable routine and specialty testing allows us to support clients in all stages of soil analysing thereby reduce risk, cost and complexity for our clients.
Monitoring and Evaluation
At Agro4you, we contribute to evidence-based development policy and decision-making. We provide the insights and ideas needed to help our clients understand what works and (what does not) and to figure out why and how it works. Our evaluations are reliable and valuable they are based on well-grounded, robust methodologies and carried out by evaluation experts. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our services align with existing organizational culture, systems and structures.
Value Chain Analysis
Agro4you Limited provides you with full range of activities that are required to bring a product or services from conception, through different phases such as Agricultural Production, Agro Processing to delivering to final consumers. We connect you to raw material producers, middlemen, processing enterprises and sales markets. This helps yield profitability of the involved stakeholders and satisfaction of our clients. Our analysis also help organisation identify value that is being added to the product or services.
Land Allocation and Evaluation
Agro4you Limited provides you with an excellent and qualitative Land Allocation and Evaluation Assessment report that gives a clear understanding of land performance when used for a specific purpose.Our Land Allocation and Evaluation report includes accurate execution and interpretation of basic surveys of climate, soils, vegetation and other aspects of land in terms of the requirements of alternative forms of land use.
Business Plan
At Agro4you Limited we provide a uniquely bespoke and reliable service for both new and established companies. Our experienced business plan consultants all bring an objective and independent perspective that will help clarify your opportunity and develop your business proposition to a level where it is ready to present to internal stakeholders and potential investor. So whether you are looking to finance your business, or to grow and expand your current operations, we help you with business plan that communicate your vision, shape your strategy, provide actionable steps to reach your goals and position your Company for exit.
Feasibility Studies
At Agro4you Limited our exceptional, specially-crafted feasibility studies will provide you with the best possible assessment of your business. Our team of experts combines real world experience and proven methods to review project ideas, determine necessary elements for success, present project risks, and evaluate the overall feasibility of the venture. Our goal is to provide an informed independent assessment of the projects’ chances to survive in a variety of real-life operating situations.