Agro4you is involved in the export of agricultural commodities; we are made up of well-experienced professionals and vast network of industry partners. We offer strategic sourcing services, quality control and cross-border logistics services.

There is a huge range of agriculture finance that can help you fund your farm, whether you need to buy an expensive new piece of machinery, acquire additional buildings or land, or simply release some day-to-day working capital. Agro4you provides financing and related services to farmers, agribusinesses, commercial fishers, and farmer-owned cooperatives.

Due to the high demand for quality commodities globally, we work closely with reliable suppliers to ensure customers receive the best products at the most competitive price.

Specifically, we assist our client(s) to export the following products from Nigeria:

  • Cereals Crops - examples are: maize, millet, rice, guinea corn, wheat, barley, oat etc.
  • Legumes - e.g. cowpea, groundnut, beans and soya beans.
  • Root and Tuber Crop - such as yam, sweet potatoes, carrot, cassava and cocoyam.
  • Vegetable Crops - such as water leaf, bitter leaf, fluted pumpkin, lettuce, tomato, okra and garden egg.
  • Fruit Crops - examples are banana, orange, pineapple, pawpaw, mango and guava.
  • Beverage Crops - such as cocoa, coffee, tea and kolanut.
  • Spices - examples are onion, pepper, ginger, garlic etc.
  • Oil Crops - such as oil palm, groundnut, and sun flower, melon, coconut and cotton...
  • Fibre Crop - examples are cotton, jute, sisal, etc.
  • Latex Crops - rubber
We endeavor to provide our customers with well-detailed market reports for beneficial decision-making and procurement. We ensure customer’s order is delivered swiftly, on budget and to specification. We also pay a full attention to corporate social responsibilities (CSR), working closely with our trusted partners whilst improving generations of farmers standard of living.

Whether you are looking for credit loans or moving your goods, or insuring your farm products /assets or need capacity building direction or to hire equipment or export your farm products, Agro4you Limited can be your partner of choice. We can meet all your market and business requirement(s) with our proven results of 100% Customers satisfaction in Nigeria.